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      I tested your Fashionista demo.
      I want to use your membership and group addon to create 2 plans when they register: Person and Company. I made this in your demo but you have some error for Group-Capabilities-Settings. I disable Location, Shipping, Policies, Customer support, Store hours, Vacation.. but when I log with the vendor he still have Location, Shipping and Customer support. Why? Check your demo please. (and check attachments for preview)

      Meanwhile I have some pre-sale questions:
      1. I saw that I can add fields to registration form. Can I have different fields for each membership?

      2. I saw that your plugin is compatible with Fancy Product Designer. You know another plugin that let vendors add a product just by upload the design on the base product made by me. I don’t want to let them put price, variations etc.

      3. Shipping cost is per vendor. It is possible to disable vendor shipping and make one shipping for all cart, no matter how many vendors are?

      4. Can I reorder the widgets from vendor dashboard? reports and stats widgets, no the menu from the sidebar (I saw that you have an addon for that)

      5. You know if I can have Revolut for withdrawal payment gateway?


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      It’s been a week. Anyone to answer?

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      6. If I have a group, and they can publish the products only in 3 categories selected by me, can I limit them to edit shipping only for 1 category? (standard, I will disable shipping for all vendors, but this group have 1 category where they can sett their price for shipping)

Viewing 3 reply threads
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