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      i have the problem that the capability options for product limit for my groups doesn’t work or even if they have a group the vendor get a limit of 3 products. In the membership options i configured the pay per product to “as per capability”
      The Admin Shop-User Dashboard is showing correct numbers which is the same as the configuration for the limits i did.

      Why i’m getting the default limit of 3 products, even i should have unlimited or 8 products?

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      Hello, you will have to ensure that the priority of the capabilities is correctly set, incase an individual vendor has product limit set to 8, then it will have the limit stored as 8, applying group rules will not alter the results. PLease check the priority.

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      Hey, the group setting is 8, in the general admin panel is no limit set.
      I don’t have any individual settings for specific vendors. I registered an new vendor, which is added to the group with limit of 8. The vendor has also only 3 products. Limitation of storage is working fine. For this group it’s 25mb, if I remove the vendor from the group, the limit is set to unlimited like I configured in the general capability options.

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      @Avinaba: Any progress on this topic? I disabled groups & staff plugin. The problem still occurs. I changed the capability in the admin panel to some other values without success.

      Please have a closer look to this, i found workarounds for all the other problems but with this i’m not able to go live.

      Edit: I edit the product limit to a new value and deactivated the Ultimate plugin. Now the limit is set to the previous value and not to unlimited. When i activate the Ultimate plugin again, the limit is override with 3. In capability manager the limit is set to 15.
      When i deactivate the Ultimate again and activate the groups and staff the old value 11 is set. It seems with activation of the ultimate plugin the value gets override by 3 even another value is configured.

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      It seems the vendor we are talking about isn’t a verified one. WCFM Ultimate has this option to set a different product limit until the vendor gets verified. Go to Admin Settings >> Vendor Verification there you will see the option “Product Limit Restriction”, I guess you have set the value 3 here. The default value is empty which signifies ‘as per capability’.
      Thank You!

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      Thanks for your help, you’re right. I had forgotten about this setting… sorry

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