Problem with tags under Product creation

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      Service Agmondo

      When creating a product and I want to choose from most commonly used tags it comes out as a long list and is being controlled by:

      .product_tags_ele, .wcfm_fetch_tag_cloud, .wcfm_add_new_category, .wcfm_new_tax_ele, .wcfm_new_parent_taxt_ele, .wcfm_add_new_taxonomy_form, .catalog_visibility_ele {
          max-width: 214px !important;
          margin: auto !important;
          display: block !important;
          margin-bottom: 15px !important;

      specifically the max width

      if I change the max-width to anything else via Google DevTools it fixes it, but I can not override by adding to theme css. Also I have even tried hard coding in the plugin files, but it doesn’t make a diffrence.

      Please advise on temporary solution and fix at next upadte.


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      WCFM Forum


      Please add this CSS to your child theme’s sty;e.css –

      #wcfm-main-contentainer .wcfm_fetch_tag_cloud{max-width:750px !important}

      Please check after clearing your site caches!

      Thank You

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