Problem with YITH Request a Quote

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      Good day. Regarding the solution of the issue with the plugin YITH Request a Quote.
      My Order – #136095

      To begin with, I would like to say that Premium support responded, despite their problems with the cyclone.

      1 part of the problem has been successfully resolved. When requesting a price and confirming – Woocommerce now sees the Client’s (Delivery) Address when switching to payment.

      But there were 2 problems.

      1. Upon successful payment of the order formed from the items (Request a Quote) – At the supplier who made the bid – This order disappears (from the list of orders). The administrator sees this order.

      That is, it seems to me that the data on the belonging of this Order to the supplier who made the bid is erased. (Upon the transition of the order status from “Pending payment” to the status of “Processing”)

      2. If the Client adds the goods of Different Suppliers to the Request List, then when placing the Offer of one of the suppliers from the List of the Client’s request, the Client will receive an offer (Accept / Reject), when performing an action with which (this offer), the same actions are performed with ALL offers suppliers from the Price Request List. Even if other suppliers have not yet made Bids.

      and from other suppliers, the Order changes status. If they (other suppliers) make their offer, the Client again has to accept or reject the offer, which updates the order status of ALL suppliers.

      2 possible solutions to the problem:

      1 option.
      Prevent the client from creating a LIST OF PRICE REQUEST. Only individual requests to individual suppliers. (I think this is the best option). Then the Client will see each bid as a separate item.
      Here one more problem arises:
      If a customer adds a quote to the Basket and adds a quote from another supplier to the basket, what will be the general order number? Suggestions 1 or Suggestions 2?

      It is necessary to create a NEW order if the customer accepts the Price proposals and creates a General Order. At the same time, you must delete all price requests (the position that the client added to the basket and paid for) – And from suppliers who made a price offer and from the Client who requested the Price from suppliers and from the Administrator.

      Option 2.
      Separate requests from the Price Request Client list. So that each supplier can make a price offer, and the client can see in the list which of the suppliers made a price offer and who did not.

      Next 2 possible sub-options:

      a. Disable the ability to Accept or reject the entire list. Make it possible to Accept or reject positions (offers of suppliers) in the Price Request list so as not to affect Other suppliers. But then it is necessary to redefine the Request Numbers for the Suppliers (since in fact it will not be one request, but several from the same customer list, and if the customer adds other marketplace items to the accepted request, you will have to save the customer order number (it is the customer request list number) for of all suppliers who make an offer within the framework of the Price Request List, and this is difficult, since if the client does not accept the price of one supplier within the GENERAL NUMBER of the price request list, the question arises: How can I cancel this Order number for only one supplier? ( perhaps but difficult =) as it seems to me)

      b. Deny the Client Accept / reject the Price Request list until ALL suppliers make an offer. (also a good option). But again, the issue of saving / redefining the order number.

      All solutions to the second problem are relevant only when solving the first. Since the Suppliers must see the Order in their List of Orders, after the acceptance of the offer by the Client.

      Thank you.

      I really look forward to solving these problems.

      Sincerely, Vitaly.

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