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      Hi. Firstly, thank you for this great plugin. I have tried and tested several different ones, and WC Multivendor Marketplace works best for what I need.

      I’m trying to find a way for each Vendor to be able to add as many products as they wish at a time, but to pay-per-product. In other words, if someone wants to upload 2 necklaces today, they pay for 2 places and create 2 products. If in a week they want to add 10 more necklaces, they pay for 10 slots and create 10 products.

      I have tried the Membership style where the Vendor upgrades their membership and can then add more products, but this is not quite what I’m looking for. They prefer if they can pay only for what they need at the moment.

      I have tried the Product Limit, but it doesn’t quite work as expected – the Vendor can only add 1 Product limit at a time. It would be perfect if maybe on the “Increase your product limit” page, the Vendor could just indicate how many they want, instead of it being locked at just “Increase by 1”. Maybe even if they could indicate how many products they want on the check-out screen, then pay for the number of products that they want.

      Is this possible?

    • #102641


      You can use our “Groups & Staffs” addon plugin, using this you can create different groups with limited product adding capabilities and assign vendor/vendors to that group, admin can even increase product limit for vendors later if they want.

      Groups & Staffs Addon Link:


    • #102643

      Hello @MolayDas

      I believe pisidia is asking for dynamic pay for product choices. pisidia most likely is looking for admin to set one cost per product and vendors can choose how many they want to buy instead of the current set price and set amount each time a vendor needs to pay for more product.

      Current: Admin sets 1 product for $1, which is the same as 5 product for $5.

      What I believe pisidia is asking: admin sets cost of product to $1 and vendors can type in the quantity and pay.

      Apologies in advanced if I interrupted or misunderstood but I too would be interested in this implementation.


    • #102671

      Hello @vanilladev89, Thank you for helping me clarify what I’m looking for.

      Das – What I’m looking for is something simpler for Vendors. Once they register for membership, it allows them to add as many products as they wish, but pay for the products they add, when they add them. No need to upgrade membership to get more product slots.

      I have found a work-around but it requires the “Buy Now” button on the “Increase your product limit” page, to take Vendor to the Cart instead of going directly to Checkout. How can I do this, @Molay?

    • #102865


      This is not possible using code snippet.

      It requires serious custom development, and this will be a paid one.

      If you are interested then please contact us here –


    • #103006

      Okay, cheers @molay

    • #103094


      So maybe I did misunderstand a little bit. From what I understand from your response, it sounds similar to adding a listing fee, which we have discussed in other posts. Essentially you’re asking for the ability to charge the “pay for product” cost at the time of product creation instead of having the Vendors pre-purchase their products space. Did I understand that correctly?


    • #103194

      Hi @vanilladev89

      Yes, I think you have understood correctly now. The Vendor registers, and logs in to his account. He wants to add 5 products today.

      He clicks “Add New Product” and is taken to the page which says “You have reached your product limit!” Now this page shows the price for creating 1 product. When he clicks “Buy Now”, he could be taken to the CART, where he can click the “+” or type “5”. Then his total price is updated in the Cart, and he proceeds to CHECKOUT, and pays for his 5 product-slots.

      So the “Product Limit” (or let us call it “Product Slot”) would essentially be a product on its own, which he can buy as many as he needs whenever he wants.

      (It might even be better maybe, if there was an extra tab on the left called “Product Slots” or “Buy Product Slots”. Whenever he wants, he can click that tab, see how many slots he has left, see the price of a Product Slot, and add it to CART. Then he can buy as many product slots as he needs. Just a suggestion.)

Viewing 7 reply threads
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