Product Manager Overview for WCFM-Ultimate

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      First of all you have very nice plugins that I believe took time and patient to build. Your customer service for helping your supporters of your plugin is extremely poor. Please improve your support system. You charge a lot of money for plugins that do not have support system.

      I have bought WCFM-Ultimate and WCFM-Groups & Staffs. With my knowledge WCFM-Ultimate supposed to come with extra options for products manager such as simple subscriptions, bookable product, Variable subscription, Auction and Appointable product. My WCFM-Ultimate does’t have a single of those. It might be a small set up that I have to do but I have been sitting here hoping for support.

      Please, I like your product but I am beginning to have a second thought of cancelling my subscription because we can not run a successful marketplace if you work like this.
      I have attached a screen shot for your reference.

      I will be waiting for your response as soon as possible.

      Thank you.

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      Thanks for getting in touch with us!

      Well, WCFM and WCFM Ultimate is a front-end dashboard plugin. It’s not a replacement for WooCommerce or other WC addons.

      Using this you are allowed to manage WooCommerce store from site front-end. Also, your vendors are allowed to manage their own stores from the site front-end.

      Now, WooCommerce default comes with four product types – simple, variable, groups, and external. WCFM Free has the support for all these product types.

      But if you want to have advanced product types like subscription, booking, appointment, rental then WCFM Ultimate is required.

      Now, you just have to install those plugins which come with those advanced product types. E.g for booking WC Bookings is required –

      WC Appointments –
      WC Subscriptions –
      WC Rental –
      WC Box Office –
      Auction –

      Thank You

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