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    I have groups linked to the assumption plan, using the checkout with woocommerce product.

    After registration, if I want to assign the supplier to another group, a special group or his name, or a group with specific categories for your store.

    What will happen to your subscription? because the subscription was linked to the initial group.

    It will contribute your current subscription, but in a new set of rules and permissions?


    I registered a company in my city this weekend, and the assigned rules and permissions group allowed me to view only!
    Simple products and external or affiliate products!

    I registered a user “staff” on the store panel, I did not define custom rules for user “staff” and the user has the ability to see all kinds of products. And not just simple and external products.

    Shouldn’t the STAFF user be subordinate to the store rule group? Even if I don’t define custom rules for this staff user, he should not have more powers than the ruleset assigned to the store.

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    Cap Luis


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