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    We know that when an affiliate refers a vendor they can make a commission on the referral and the referred vendor’s orders. Which means that the affiliate is linked to that vendor and all future purchases that this vendor has, the affiliate gets a commission…so why can we not set this up manually?

    Here’s the problem. When Admin sets global “referred vendor order” or “other orders” this means that all vendors must approve of affiliate program with no current option to opt-out. The only way this works will all vendors is if admin pays all commissions.

    Now, before you say that “referred vendor order” can be set to “on commission” and paid by vendor commission, this means that the vendor and affiliate must agree to this term BEFORE the vendor sign up right? What about vendors that want to have some affiliates for their store AFTER they create their Vendor Account?

    To recap, I am asking that since there is already a way to link the vendor and affiliate automatically, can we create this link manually? This way, Admin can assign affiliates to Vendors after they make vendor Account and still make commission from Vendor sales.

    Thank You

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