Remove all order and prepare to GO LIVE with clean order

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Ultimate Remove all order and prepare to GO LIVE with clean order

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    • #78727

      Dear WCFM,
      Im planning to GO LIVE and launching website on Sept 1st 2019.

      I wanna make sure this is still the right way?

      1. Deactivate WCFM – WooCommerce Frontend Manager + WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace
      2. Delete both of them
      3. Re install both

      (Vendors and Products need to stay keep)

      Thats it? or using data clean up?

      Ultimate member need to delete that too?

      Please advise! Thanks.

      warm regards,

    • #78749
      Molay Das

      Hi Sandi,
      No need to deactivate, delete and reinstall “WCFM – WooCommerce Frontend Manager + WCFM – WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace”. You want to keep the vendors and products intact then keep them as it is just remove the other stuffs like demo orders, posts, pages, etc. whichever you want to delete.
      Regarding ultimate member you can delete the test memberships or members.

      Please do let me know if any further issues.


    • #78755

      HI Molay,
      thanks for your feedback.

      how to delete all orders made, I have hundred test orders.

      Please advise! Thanks.

      • #78791
        Molay Das

        Hi Sandi,
        You’re most welcome.
        To delete orders just navigate to wp-admin->WooCommerce->Orders and then you can delete orders in bulk from there.


    • #78806

      Thanks for that.
      sorry… I forgot to tell you that the order is mean has withdrawal and all communication connect as inquiry and others.

      so I only want to keep vendor and product.

      we can say it start selling from 0. since I wanna make a start go live. so no transaction will appears.

      please advise! Thanks.

    • #78809

      And I think u made misunderstood!

      Delete woocommerce mean not delete WCFM orders.

      We need to reset the sales, order, on wcfm site.

    • #78992

      Ok just tested.
      so this still working perfectly :

      1. Checked On Uninstall
      2. Deactivate & Delete WCFM Front End Manager
      3. Deactivate & Delete WCFM Multivendor Marketplace

      4. Re install WCFM Front End Manager + WCFM Multivendor Marketplace

      All is good! 🙂

    • #79161
      WCFM Forum

      Great … thanks for the update 🙂

    • #119904

      Hi WCFM, We have Urgent situation need heelp for our live site.

      Im not sure if deactivate all wcfm and plugin will make our vendors trasaction is reset?

      The orders is still there, but why all notification, vendors report transactions are reset and being 0.

      Yesterday our theme developer are checking in bugs with variation product which cannot chhose option with their Martfury theme.
      so they try deactivate and reactivate all the plugin and problem still exist, the variaion not working yet on website.

      My question is :
      Can we revert back or is it possible to bring back all the transaction back? maybe restore all backup and database will works?

      Please advise! Thanks.

    • #119909

      fixed now, I have database backup and bring it back already. :-

    • #121339
      Molay Das

      Okay great. 🙂

    • #137376

      Sir I had uninstalled wcfm from my live website 6 months before. Because there was store hours problem. it was not working properly. Now when i installed on my local host, its working properly. i reinstalled it on my live web. but facing same problem as it was before. i want to clean all of the data of wcfm from my live website. and wants to reinstall a fresh copy as new. please guide me what to do.
      thanks in advance

    • #137399
      Molay Das

      Hi @sawannokia,

      Go to store-manager->Settings->Marketplace Settings and check “On Uninstall” option at the bottom and save. It’ll delete all marketplace data on uninstall.
      Please do take your files and database backup before uninstall.


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