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      I would like to remove the link to the shop on the vendor dashboard frontend avatar (top left).

      I have overrode the filter wcfm_store_logo as so

      add_filter( 'wcfm_store_logo', function ( $store_logo ) {
        $vendor_data = $WC_Product_Vendors_Utils::get_vendor_data_from_user();
        $logo = ! empty( $vendor_data['logo'] ) ? $ven:/dor_data['logo'] : '';
        $logo_image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $logo, 'thumbnail' );
        if ( !empty( $logo_image_url ) ) {
            $store_logo = $logo_image_url[0];
            $shop_link = get_term_link( apply_filters( 'wcfm_current_vendor_id', $WC_Product_Vendors_Utils::get_logged_in_vendor() ), $WC_PRODUCT_VENDORS_TAXONOMY );
            if( $shop_link ) {
      //replaced a tags with div
                $store_logo = '<div class="wcfm_store_logo_icon" href="' . $shop_link . '" target="_blank"><img src="' . $store_logo . '" alt="Store Logo" /></div>';
        return $store_logo;
      }, 50 );

      Although i get a error Uncaught Error: Class 'WC_Product_Vendors_Utils' i am using this filter in my theme functions.php file copied the function straight from wc-frontend-manager/core/class-wcfm-wcpvendors.php

      From what i understand WC_Product_Vendors_Utils comes from the plugin which i do not have, although it does not error out when in use from wc-frontend-manager.

      Shouldn’t i be allowed to use this class in my functions.php theme file?

      Any other way of removing all the links to the vendor shop?

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      WCFM Forum


      Please do not use that code, it was for some other multi-vendor plugin.

      Use this code –

      add_filter( 'wcfm_store_logo', function( $store_logo ) {
          $store_logo = '';
          return $store_logo;
      }, 50 );
      add_filter( 'wcfm_store_name', function( $store_name ) {
          $store_name = '';
          return $store_name;
      }, 50 );

      Thank You

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