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      I would like to reorder the tabs at the bottom of the add product page (Inventory, Shipping etc).

      How would I do this…

      I’ve installed ACF and create a few custom fields but they appear in the tab at the bottom and I Would like it to be at the top.

      Thank you

    • #121341

      Try using the following snippet-

      function acf_fields_on_top() {
          global $WCFM, $WCFMu;
          if ( $wcfm_allow_acf_fields = apply_filters( 'wcfm_is_allow_acf_fields', true ) ) {
              if ( WCFMu_Dependencies::wcfm_acf_pro_active_check() ) {
                  // Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) Pro - Products Support - 3.3.7
                  remove_action( 'after_wcfm_products_manage_tabs_content', array( $WCFMu->wcfmu_integrations, 'wcfm_acf_pro_product_manage_fields' ), 60 );
                  add_action( 'after_wcfm_products_manage_general', array( $WCFMu->wcfmu_integrations, 'wcfm_acf_pro_product_manage_fields' ), 60 );
              } elseif ( WCFMu_Dependencies::wcfm_acf_active_check() ) {
                  // Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) - Products Support - 3.0.4
                  remove_action( 'after_wcfm_products_manage_tabs_content', array( $WCFMu->wcfmu_integrations, 'wcfm_acf_product_manage_fields' ), 60 );
                  add_action( 'after_wcfm_products_manage_general', array( $WCFMu->wcfmu_integrations, 'wcfm_acf_product_manage_fields' ), 60  );
      add_action( 'wcfm_init', 'acf_fields_on_top', 15 );

      Add this code to your child theme’s functions.php
      In case you do not have child theme then add code using this plugin –
      Let me know how it goes.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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