Request insert brand/logo of the vendors into list and grid

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace Request insert brand/logo of the vendors into list and grid

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    2A Network srls

    Hi, I found your excellent work!
    I bought the whole Market Place package. I purchased it with the option a life, forever.
    However, I would like to create my shop page as per your demonstration and I will send you the link below:

    I also send you the link of my site where I can’t make the logo appear.

    How can I create the shop page like yours?
    Can you please send me information on how to do it? Or can I send you the login and password of my site and will you do it to me? I also ask you for a cost estimate if you did, thanks

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    We would love to guide you. Please contact us here for the purpose –

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