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      Thank you for this incredible marketplace.

      I am having an issue,and I need clarification please.

      I have stripe & direct PayPal payment plugins active. It is my understanding that ALL payments will go directly to my vendors (GREAT!).

      I am still receiving withdrawal requests- I shouldn’t receive these requests because the vendor is already receiving the full payment.

      I should receive a commission, this is where I am lost and need help to reverse an “approved” reverse withdrawal request.
      I saw the reverse withdrawals, I checked them all off and hit approve… Well there is nothing there to tell me when I click approved it means the vendor has paid me..I thought by clicking approve, I was approving the REQUEST be sent to the vendors, not agreeing that the vendor has paid me (these buttons should be changed from “approve/reject” to “paid/unpaid”, in my opinion). How do I reverse these approvals? because the vendors have NOT paid their commission fees…

      Also, what does the reverse withdrawal look like from the vendors side? Is there a link so they can send me money by clicking there, or is it just an email that says they owe this much and they have to manually go to their PayPal account to send their commission? I feel like this should all happen directly from the vendors dashboard since all my PayPal & stripe APIs are entered in my admin panel & woocommerce settings.

      What happens when the vendors reach their reverse withdrawal limit? Can customers not purchase from them anymore? Do their store become disabled?

      This payment process is very confusing to me..please help

      Please get back to me asap as my site is already up and running, vendors are making sales for free right now..

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