Seller inquiry form as a widget?

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      Hello team,
      I have set up the email seller inquiry form with some addition custom fields (first name, last name, email,sign up for email, send me similar ads, send me promotions from third parties). Please see attached screenshot “email seller inquiry form”.

      1. The fields do not line up properly. There are no other configuration settings in the inquiry settings on the dashboard. How can I correct that?

      2. As many users set their browser to not allow pop ups, how can this form be embedded within the single product page?

      3. Is there a short code or widget that I can use in the single product page and put the inquiry form on the right side of the page (see screenshot “Inquiry widget”)?

      4. Can you advice on how to send out results of similar product searches to customers (see screenshot “email alert”).
      For example if a customer is looking for product A but cannot find the exact match, in the inquiry form there is a button that is they enable, the system will automatically send out an email with products that match their search. Is there a plugin that you know of that can do that?

      5. In the attached “Inquiry widget” screenshot, there are 2 checkmarks, one for signing up to the newsletter and one to receive promotions from third parties. How can I accomplish this?

      Thank you in advance,

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      Hello again team,
      Any updates on the above questions please?

      Has anyone else encounter similar issues or know how to get the inquiry form in a widget to add it to the sidebar?
      Also, does anyone know how to add the subscription to a newsletter as well as mailing list or getting alerts when a search yields results (see #4 above)?

      Thank you,

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