Settings defaulting to previious entries – multiple times

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      We have an issue where settings within products and within seller settings (Shipping settings) are defaulting to previous entries whenever a change is made ELSEWHERE within a sellers account.
      For example. I change the shipping settings and update. Then I makea change to the wording of their refund policy (It could be as little as adding in a full stop or deleting a word) and save. Upon checking the shipping settings,they default back to the earlier settings again. If we do NOT make changes within the seller account then they seem to stick.

      This is actually a huge issue. We have seen people abandon sales because the shipping details are not available to them. We have seen people charged no shipping, thus we need to pay the seller the shipping because it is not their fault. And we are now getting orders for out of stock products because the stock quantity changes are not remaining updated.

      We have turned off caching, we have cleared transients, we have gone incognito, changed broswers, and we have disabled shipping changes for sellers and this is still happening, Please advise what to do, ASAP>

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      Please could I get a reply on this ASAP? I understand you are working differently at the moment, but this has gone unresolved since APRIL and I am still getting no resolution on email or on this forum. I see you replying to much much more recent enquiries but seem to be ignoring this – What else do I need to do to get a resolution with you?

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      Sorry about the delay!
      The whole settings page in spite of different tabs is a single form. And it gets saved using ajax call.
      Are you using different browser tabs while making these edits? Because, if you do then that might cause this problem.
      Say you have settings page open in 2 browser tabs, in 1st Marketplace Settings, in 2nd Shipping Settings. Then, you make some changes in the Shipping tab and save. After that, you go to the 1st browser tab where the marketplace settings screen is opened. Now if you change anything here and save, that will override your shipping changes.
      Let me know if it’s different than what I just explained.
      Thank You!

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      Thanks, some further information to help you…

      We can duplicate the issue every time as follows:

      1) Using a single browser tab (Chrome or IE).
      2) Update shipping settings e.g change the cost of shipping > SAVE
      3) Refreshing the page shows shipping cost has saved correctly
      3) Make a change within Store Policies e.g add a word to the textbox > SAVE
      4) Refresh the page, Check the Store Shipping again and the shipping cost has changed!

      Errors seen on the Chrome Dev Console as soon as the Store Manager page loads (no extensons are running) are:

      (index):1 [DOM] Found 3 elements with non-unique id #vendor_id: (More info: <input type=​”hidden” id=​”vendor_id” name=​”vendor_id” class=​”hidden” value=​”26″>​ <input type=​”hidden” id=​”vendor_id” name=​”vendor_id” class=​”hidden” value=​”26″>​ <input type=​”hidden” id=​”vendor_id” name=​”vendor_id” class=​”hidden” value=​”26″>​

      There are no errors in the Woocommerce logs.

      The above error happens even if we revert to the stock WordPress Theme and remove all non WC/WCFM plugins.

      We sent a video demonstrating the problem via email to your support desk on 20th May.

      Hope that helps.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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