Setup Wizard – How do I get back to it???

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace Setup Wizard – How do I get back to it???

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      Mitchell Gould

      I’ve been working on this installation for a couple hours and am getting nowhere fast…

      I installed WCFM core, WCFM Ultimate and WFCM Migration and WCFM Marketplace. The instructional video on migration shows that WCFM core is active for the migration, but tells you not to activate WCFM Marketplace yet. Unfortunately, when I activated core, it also activated marketplace, launching a setup wizard. That wizard had no way to exit until I got past the first “Vendor Registration” screen.

      At this point, it told me I could exit and get back to the wizard at any time.

      I exited to my wp-admin where I got an error telling me I had 2 multi-vendor pluagins activated, as it auto-activated marketplace when I activated core. I deactivated WC Marketplace to continue with migration instructions.

      Upon completing migration, I activated WCFM Marketplace. This launched a different setup wizard that never took me to a vendor registration setup.

      How do I get back to that original wizard?

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      WCFM Forum


      Just relax, just deactivate WCFM Marketplace addon and keep install your old multi-vendor plugin.

      Run migration then deactivate old multi-vendor plugin and activate WCFM Marketplace.

      Thank You

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