several bugs caused by todays update to v 2.7.6. of wcfm membership

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Membership several bugs caused by todays update to v 2.7.6. of wcfm membership

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    • #101393

      Todays update of wcfm membership v 2.7.6. creates a bunch of issues, that disappeared ones I rolled-back to v 2.7.5. (just to say, I’m using oceanwp-theme):

      vendor store-manager
      – the customer invoice doesn’t appear in the orders sections anymore
      – marking an order as completed, it will be completed, but the store-manager stops reacting

      customer check-out
      – after clicking “buy now” the page doesn’t show the confirmation page but creates an error section without content (can send picture if requested). Also the page doesn’t react anymore. But order is sent regularly to the vendors.

      – the changelog is not yet updated, so it’s not clear what you intended to improve. But if you intended to solve the issue of too many E-Mails sent per product after updating the shipping information: this issue still persists in v 2.7.6.

    • #101396

      attached a picture of the issue with the confirmation page after customer checkout.

      – in case it’s intended that the store-invoice is visible in the orders section only after completion of an order, than this is not a bug, of course.

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    • #101694

      … So after today’s updates of other wcfm plugins (ultimate, frontend-manager etc.) I made a bunch of tests and figured out that above described issue still persists but is NOT related to latest update of membership plugin to v 2.7.6.
      The issues are related to pdf vouchers plugin. Do have the same issue or is it just me?

    • #102079

      Another issue came up:
      E-Mail verification DOES work with wcfm membership v 2.7.5. but does NOT work anymore with wcfm membership v 2.7.6. in my case.
      Can anybody else confirm this?

      A related but not urgent question:
      In the field for the store-name on the verification site it’s not possible to write a “hyphen” (= “-“). So for example it’s not possible to type following store name:
      But if I copy this text into the store-name-field (strg+v) it works fine. Is it intended that hyphen is blocked? I’m asking because it’s very common in Europe and doesn’t cause any issues in a slug, so would help if it’s not blocked.

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    • #103103

      WCFM Support checked about the background of these issues (thanks for this) and there’s a bad interferance between “Fancy Product Designer Export – plugin” and “WooCommerce PDF voucher – plugin” and “WCFM membership”. In case anybody is running FPD-Export: You have to turn off the function for sending the product design pdf as an email-attachement in the advanced settings of Fancy Product Designer (unfortunately). Otherwise email verification is not working and pdf voucher email neither.

      We can close this topic here.

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