Shipping costs on stripe split payment

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      Hello, for us an important feature, that we understood is not yet available, is to send the payments for the shipping costs on a third stripe connect account, the one of the carrier.

      This is because, for legal reasons, the money have to flow directly from the customer to the carrier, so he is buying the delivery service like he is buying wine from our vendors.

      So what we need is the possibility to connect a stripe account as carrier account and send there the money of the shipping.

      Would be very helpful!

      Thank you in advance,

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      Qualivery srls

      Grande Gregorio!
      We’re interested in the same feature…

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      ah…then please stress WCLovers support from your site as well to have it asap!!!!

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      Qualivery srls

      Have you found / are there any workarounds?

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      HI, I’m waiting from May 12 for your reply.
      here you have my last email that haven’t an answer yet.

      Hi, we get no reply to our last question that’s very urgent and also requested by other users, as I noted from the post replies.

      Can you please update us?


      Il 12/05/20 15:43, SHOP VTI ha scritto:
      > Ok Shhiv, thanks for your reply.
      > Just to be sure this add on is really doing what we need, some more questions.
      > after the implementation we can configure a “delivery boy” (so he will have an account with username, password, email..) and assign to him all shipments related to shop sells.
      > we sell wines from multiple vendors but the client can put in the basket different bottles from different vendors and have at the end one single basket, one single shipping, one single payment.
      > Shipping rates managed by plug in as flexible shipping will be somehow connected to the delivery boy, isnt’it?
      > Then, the add on will consider the shipping fees, as a “virtual product”do be paid to the delivery boy.
      > So, when the client pays, the system splits automatically the payment between the vendors (based on the his specific products in the basket) and to the delivery boy
      > Then, which are the payment methods the add on supports?
      > Paypal?
      > Stripe
      > and both vendors and delivery boys should have a paypal/stripe account I suppose.
      > And how the split payment works, in detail?
      > Sorry for these questions but for us is a legal matter and we need to be sure that waiting fro you to implement WClovers fully meets our requirements.
      > Thanks
      > Caterina

Viewing 4 reply threads
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