Shipping Tax Not Correctly Applying As Included.

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      I approached the email and I did get some response but it has not been resolved for weeks now. Can anyone please help me on this?

      As the tax law in Australia, anyone registered for GST need to charge 10% of GST for shipping as well.
      When the product cost is set to include GST already, I need to have GST to be included in the shipping rather than extra being charged at the checkout to customers as customers pay flat shipping rate on our website. It does not make sense to add 10% on top of the flat rate for some products which is the case now.

      As the tax rule applies as ‘included in the price’ it also should be ‘included in the shipping cost’ as it does not make sense to have product cost to have the tax included but adding tax on top of the shipping at the same time.

      Correct GST breakdown (figures are examples for easier understanding):
      -Product total cost $10 = $9 (product) + $1 (GST 10%)
      -Shipping total cost $10 = $9 (shipping) + $1 (GST 10%)

      Current Error GST breakdown (figures are examples for easier understanding):
      -Product total cost $10 = $9 (product) + $1 (GST 10%)
      -Shipping total cost $11 = $10 (shipping) + $1 (GST 10%)

      Currently no matter what settings advised by the WC team, GST is applied on top of the shipping rather than being included.

      To make it clear, on my website vendors can only offer between ‘flat rate shipping of $6.99’ or ‘free shipping’ so the shipping cost need to be only in 2 figures (charged or free)

      – Newest version, shipping methods all setup fine, tried both None and Taxable with the same results.
      It should be quite simple as all it needs to show at the moment is to have ‘10% GST included’ for Shipping for those products sold by GST registered vendors. I just need to have the figures seen at the checkout and on the invoice by law for customers.

      Please take this matter seriously and help with a solution..

      Could you please get this calculation set correctly or make a filter for me?

      Much appreciated.

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      Kindly show me your commission, Tax and Shipping setting screenshot.

      Thank You

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      Hi, attached are setting screenshots(Screen Shot 1) requested.
      The problem here is, the tax is only included in the product cost, and excluded (adds on top) for the shipping When BOTH of them should have the same setting (other included or excluded  bind together)

      As you can see in the Screenshot 2:
      Product Cost: $33.99 + ($3.39 ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE FINAL PRICE which is correct) = $33.99
      Shipping: $14.00 (Current Setting) + ($1.40 IT’S ADDING 10% WHEN IT SHOULD BE SAME AS ABOVE) = $15.40 (NOT CORRECT SHOULD BE $14.00
      Total: SHOULD BE $47.99 (GST $4.49)

      Screen Shot3: Just to show you what happens if I change the setting to  ‘EXCLUDE TAX’ as below as advised in the email.

      I understand here that it adds 10% of Product ($3.09) + 10%($1.40) of Shipping on top of the total amount which is correct. It’s because the prices are exclusive of tax. When Prices are inclusive of tax, both costs should already include tax, not just the product.

      Screen Shot 4: In addition you were asking about the Tax Status being ‘Taxable’, yes it already is.

      Please resolve this issue for us ASAP as it’s been weeks since the issue. Our website is live and I cannot have this issue on going.
      Thank you.

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      Well, this Tax setting an Tax display all are from WooCommerce core.

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