single product multiple vendor capabilities, add to my store

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request single product multiple vendor capabilities, add to my store

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      Graham Lee

      Im wanting to sell music on my site and allow other store owners to sell other peoples music for either an increase in base price or a freeze on the base price , for example: £1 per single and it can be sold for £1.20 in other peoples stores but never less of a price than the original sellers base price. Not sure how this work in commision but original seller to get 90% of sale always and commision for thirdparty sale is a split between admin and thirdparty seller.. First are these options available already can you tell me how to set the base price of a product and a little more on how the commision works when a store adds other peoples product does global percentage still remain? thank you

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      Hello Graham Lee,

      Please try Smart Currency Detector (SCD)Plugin,
      This plugin helps you to add base price and set a specific products price for each given currency.Automatic target currency detection, depending on end users Location. All in one solution for buyers, sellers, single/multi vendors sites.

      Please visit our website:

      For further information and support please contact us at Email:

      Best Regards
      Team Gajelabs

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      Graham Lee

      I have checked your product and its not what I want, please read again my request, Im not looking for base currency, this is already set via my gateway in GBP and this is where it stays… Im looking to stop other stores from using the catalog function and changing the price to less than and only more than the original price.. As I see it a store does not want to sell its products for any less than they have set… EXAMPLE I make a song and want to sell for a £1 worldwide, if others add my song to their store I dont want them to sell for less than it is being sold in my store, if they sell my song for me I would be happy with 80% of their sale and if someone decides to post my product else where such as on facebook and they have their own customers its safe to say that selling my wares for a profit is ok, but not for less, what is the point?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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