Store Invoice; Make Shipment Tracking not Required

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Ultimate Store Invoice; Make Shipment Tracking not Required

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      Hi it’s me again, sorry

      My site is still in testing phase but I keep stumbling on issues.

      I don’t know about other countries but in my country you can send small things in an envelope within a certain weight range.
      You don’t receive Tracking info for that.

      In Store Invoice the Shipping Tracking Info (Track & Trace translated) is required otherwise you can not mark order as sent/shipped.
      Is it possible to make Shipment Tracking Info optional instead of mandatory?

      Thank you

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      Any thoughts on this?
      Vendor can not mark order as shipped because it is required to go through Shipping Tracking method.
      But there (in the popup screen) Shipment Tracking code is required also and not all shipped orders have Shipment Tracking code.
      I know I can switch off the Shipping Tracking module but I would like to keep the Shipping Tracking but just not required so when vendor sends something in an envelope which fits in the customers mailbox (which in my country you don’t receive tracking info for) than vendor can mark order as ‘shipped’ but without being required to fill in Tracking Info.

      Is this possible?

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      you are right, I would face the same issue ones I go live.
      Once the vendor clicks on “mark as shipped” and the popup for tracking-# appears it would be good to have a check box “shipped without tracking-#” and then the text in the confirmation email changes from “your tracking-# and link to shipping company” into only “your product has been shipped” or so.

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