Stripe Calculation error with admin coupon code

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      Tested Stripe Direct with Admin coupon codes and found an error in the application fee.

      For ease of numbers we are using a commission percentage plus fixed of 5% + $.25
      With a sale of $10 the application fee should be $.75. This also means that with Commission after consider Admin Coupon? not checked, the commission should be the same.. $.75. This is true if there is no admin coupon.
      However, if the “Commission after consider Admin Coupon?” is not checked and you apply an admin coupon code, the stripe payment subtracted the $.25 and the application fee is being recorded as $.25 instead of $.75.


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      Tested Vendor Coupons after the Admin coupons and the calculations appear to be off with this as well

      Same commission 5% + $.25

      No coupon $.75
      10% coupon applied ( making sale of $9 ) Commission after consider vendor Coupon? checked $.70
      10% coupon applied (making sale of $9 ) Commission after consider vendor Coupon? not checked $.25 ( should be $.75 )

      Am I misunderstanding how this works?


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      This is also happening with the new Transactional fee

      Sale of $10 with 10% coupon applied, consider vendor coupon not activated. Commission is set to 5% and transactional charge set to 2.9%+$.30
      Total commission sent to Platform Account should be $1.08. Total amount of sale is $9

      Transactional fee takes fee after vendor commission so 9.5x.029+.30= $.57.5
      Total Fee that should be transferred to platform account $1.08
      Actual amount transferred to platform account $.08

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      WCFM Forum


      Kindly show me your Commission setting screenshot.

      If you have set commission at vendor or membership or product or category level then show me those as well.

      Also show me this order details screenshot from vendor’s account.

      Thank You

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      WCFM Forum

      Transactional fee takes fee after vendor commission so 9.5x.029+.30= $.57.5

      – Show me “Transaction Fee” setup setting screenshot as well.

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