Stripe Slit Pay and MANGOPAY payment gateway for subscription products

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    I have a problem today and I’m a little worried …
    My site is a subscription products marketplace (WooCommerce subscription), problem is that I can’t bank all the gains to redistribute them to sellers (third-party market account + KYC), and the only current solution is to use Stripe Split Pay.
    Stripe Split Pay is clearly not fully compatible with subscription products and cannot be used for my marketplace (Stripe Split Pay not support subscription_cancellation, subscription_suspension, subscription_reactivation, subscription_amount_changes, subscription_date_changes, subscription_payment_method_change, subscription_payment_method_change_customer, subscription_payment_method_change_admin, multiple_subscriptions)
    Without these functions bei
    Is it possible to make Stripe Split Pay fully compatible with subscription products?
    What about the MANGOPAY payment gateway solution compatible with WCFM?
    I’m afraid the only solution is to go through another multi-vendor plugin like WC Vendors solution fully compatible with subscriptions and split payment products, fully compatible with the MANGOPAY gateway.
    Thank you for your return, I hope you will bring me good news …

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