Support team installed File Manager. Strange files in FTP

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      I’m sorry to open this topic but the other one just has closed.
      Support team helped me with my site today and I saw in WP backend that they installed File Manager.
      Now I see .quarantine and .tmb files in my ftp.

      I didn’t know at first they had something to do with File Manager but a Google search told me so.
      Are these files safe? Because when I search on .quarantine and .tmb files I see also a lot of results that shows how to get rid of malicious files.

      What does this plugin do anyway and can I remove it safely?
      I see the same structure as in my ftp but I always use Notepad++ and Filezilla to manage my files so I don’t need another one if this is the same.

      Thank you

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      Sorry about that. We should have taken your permission before doing so.

      It’s a popular plugin and the current version doesn’t have any reported security concerns. But, as you don’t require the plugin, first deactivate it and then delete it. Finally, delete those two folder (.quarantine and .tmb).

      It will not cause any trouble for your site. The plugin uses those two folder for its working.

      Sorry again and looking forward to helping you.

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      Thank you that’s okay.
      As long as I know it comes from this plugin and not from something else.
      I will deactivate/delete it.
      You may delete this topic if you wish.:-)

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