Syncing with an external site?

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      I asked a previous question here –

      There’s no need to read that, I’ve given this a lot of thought and narrowed down my question.

      I’m looking for a good way to sync from WCFM Marketplace to another separate WooCommerce site.

      The separate WooCommerce site will sell its own products directly, but it will also sell them on the marketplace as a vendor.

      My thinking is to use the vendor account on the marketplace to manage the products and stock.

      Then we need to sync to the external site.

      At a minimum, we’d need to sync inventory so the standalone site takes its stock levels from the vendor account on the marketplace and we don’t ever run out of stock etc.

      Ideally I’d also like to be able to sync the actual product details if possible.

      And finally, the best solution would be that all orders placed on the separate site are synced to the vendor account on the marketplace so we can have one interface for all orders in one place.

      This would all need to be bi-directional.

      I’ve looked at solutions like this –

      That seems to be able to sync the inventory levels. I presume I’d need to change the code a bit so it only links with the one vendor.

      Does anyone have any better solutions, or see any problems with this approach?


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      Syncing inventory and product description is possible but when you try to syncing orders it will likely mess up all the reports.
      To achieving inventory and product syncing you can use WCFM rest api ( along with WooCommerce API and custom code it.

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      Thank you. Have a great holiday.

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      Thank you. Happy Holidays to you too!

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