Tax and Shipping costs based on Store Vendors and Customer locations

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WC Marketplace Tax and Shipping costs based on Store Vendors and Customer locations

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      Alexandru Buzatu


      As you know each country has its own (sometimes complicated) VAT and TAX rules
      For instance Germany has a Standard VAT 19% and a Reduced VAT 7% (for literature)

      If one of the Store Vendors located in Germany, sells through my platform (Located in UK – non EU anymore)

      1 – a car part to a client in France (EU country)
      2 – and a book to the same client in France

      What settings do the seller and my platform have to do so all the VAT taxes, Shipping Taxes, commission taxes are applied correctly (and visible in the reports and checkout too)

      Looking forward to your answer

    • #105752
      Alexandru Buzatu

      Here’s the TAX law in EU for instance, with some special territories too 🙂

    • #106402
      WCFM Forum

      Well, what condition you want to apply for this Tax calculation?

      Tax will be calculated as per Vendor’s location?

      Please contact us here for the purpose, we will help you setup this –

      Thank You

    • #107423
      Alexandru Buzatu

      Hi again,

      I have filled in the form on with Thank you for your message. It has been sent.

      Waiting for your help.

      Thank you!

    • #150306


      Did you ever get this running properly? I’m a UK based business looking to set up an international marketplace. I need to collect tax based on a number of factors. Buyers location. But also sellers location.

      For example, a seller in the UK has a ~£85,000 VAT threshold, so unless they are registered for VAT this should not be charged. Many countries have their own VAT thresholds, I believe the EU has one between countries too.

      Basically I need to be able to set variable tax rates based on WCFM settings such as vendor location etc.

      Thank you

Viewing 4 reply threads
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