Tax on Admin Commission

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      Hi, Currently there is a feature for adding tax on vendor commission. Is there a similar option to add tax on admin commission to be deducted from vendor payout?

      As per Indian GST, Admins of marketplace collect Commission and tax (GST) of 18% on this commission has to be deducted from vendor payout. The commission invoice should show both this Admin commission and the GST on commission separately


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      Setup “Commission Tax” setting GST 18% and add this code to your site –

      add_action( 'wcfmmp_order_item_processed', function( $commission_id, $order_id, $order, $vendor_id, $product_id, $order_item_id, $grosse_total, $total_commission, $is_auto_withdrawal ) {
      	global $WCFM, $WCFMmp, $wpdb;
      	if( apply_filters( 'wcfm_is_admin_fee_mode', false ) ) {
      		$commission_rule   = unserialize( $WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_get_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_rule' ) );
      		$gross_sale_order  = (float) $WCFM->wcfm_vendor_support->wcfm_get_gross_sales_by_vendor( $vendor_id, '', '', $order_id );
      		$commission_tax    = (float) $WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_get_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_tax' );
      		$total_commission += $commission_tax;
      		$admin_fee = (float) $gross_sale_order - (float) $total_commission;
      		if( isset( $commission_rule['tax_enable'] ) && ( $commission_rule['tax_enable'] == 'yes' ) ) {
      			$commission_tax = $admin_fee * ( (float)$commission_rule['tax_percent'] / 100 );
      			$total_commission -= (float) $commission_tax;
      			$WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_delete_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_tax' );
      			$WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_update_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_tax', round($commission_tax, 2) );
      			$wpdb->update("{$wpdb->prefix}wcfm_marketplace_orders", array('total_commission' => $total_commission), array('ID' => $commission_id), array('%s'), array('%d'));
      }, 50, 9 );

      Add this code to your child theme’s functions.php
      In case you do not have child theme then add code using this plugin –¬†

      Thank You

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      Appreciate your response. I also have to add another tax TCS to be deducted from seller payment on top of GST on commission.
      Please attached image for the complete calculation of commission and the setting i have in the WCFM.

      I should basically raise two invoices for every sale.
      1. To Buyer with the order value (ordered items value + tax for items + shipping including shipping tax),
      2. To Seller for Admin Commission (order value – Commission on order value – 18% tax on commission – 1% TCS on ordered items value)

      Will I be able to achieve it?

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      Can someone help here please….

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      Code given at forum topic.

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