tax on shipping incorrect – based on cart and not on choice of vendor.

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Ultimate tax on shipping incorrect – based on cart and not on choice of vendor.

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      As this affects all users of WCFM: Vendors might use different VAT-rates: e.g. vendor A 20%, vendor B 0% (private) vendor C 10% …
      Then admin might have activated in WooCommerce / Settings / Tax : “Shipping tax class” to “Shipping tax class based on cart items” (correct?)
      Then vendor B will select in his product manager “Tax status” to “none” and “Tax Class” to “zero rate” (correct?)
      If now a customer put more value into the cart from vendor A then from vendor B (quite common): Tax is added to the shipping cost of vendor B. (can you reproduce this?) But should be zero (we agree on this?)
      I’m happy to hear if I have an error here, otherwise there must be many many wrong cart calculations out there but I can’t believe this didn’t come up earlier – strange.

      If I’m not wrong – proposal:
      1. vendor should still be able to decide the VAT per product as currently
      2. supplementary give admin the possibility to
      a. hide taxation of shipment to vendors and at same time
      b. define that taxation on shipping will be same as taxation of product itself.

      Original discussion but topic name not correct anymore:

    • #125379


      i can reproduce this issue described by Sebastian.

      If you want to provide unified shipping method across all vendors and setup the shipping tax to Shipping tax class based on cart items. If then buyer 1 will add a article from vendor 1 without tax to his cart and a article from vendor 2 with tax to his cart.
      Have a look to the attached picture (right side). On the left side you see a situation, if i enable vendor shipping classes and the vendor defines his own shipping method without tax. In this case the tax is not calculated for shipping. If i create a shipping method which is taxable it will calculate tax, even the product is not taxable.

      This is not the solution i can accept. I really like the idea of the Multi-Vendor marketplace but all the problems about wrong calculation of tax/VAT is holding me back to buy your premium plugins…

      Hope you find a solution for this problem.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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