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      Why when turn off a store, i still see their products?
      I thought when using this option, the store will go off and products dssappear until store is turned back on.

      If not!!

      How to achieve that?

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      Well, when you are disabling a vendor then we can hide all their store products, but then we have to change all those products status to draft or pending!

      Now, when you will again enable that vendor he has to manually enable those products!

      Are you OK with this?

      Thank You

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      Thanks for the reply,

      I think that this option could be better, because as Admin, sometimes we need to turn off some stores for any reason and if the vendor doesn’t care about it, will take a lot of time for admis to delete or change products status manually.

      It will be great if when disable a store, products go to pending/draft status automatically!!

      Think about it!


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      We will add this option in coming update!

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      Has this functionality been updated yet? I have a fake shop I use for testing and one vendor who is not ready yet. When I offline their store, the products still appear. So I changed it to disabled and then the “sold by” tag was removed from the products so that when you go to products on the back end as admin, you can still see the products but there is no “sold by tag”. When I re-enabled the shop, they came back.

      Anyway, we need a way to disable a shop AND their products at the same time. It seems kind of silly to me. If a store is disabled, why would their products still be available? In order for me to completely hide the fake store, I have to disable it AND go edit all the products myself to hide them. That doesn’t make it very easy to turn my fake store off and back on for testing purposes.


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      When you disabled a vendor then all of their products gets archived. That means it will be hidden from the front end users.
      It’ll not show in the WCFM admin dashboard >> Products page as well. To confirm this, go to wp-admin >> Products page and there you can see them under Archived products.
      Are you getting a different behavior? If your are not using an older version, I’ll request you to update the plugin.
      Looking forward to helping you.
      Thank You!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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