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      fairooz market

      line 401 & 402 of wcfm-controller-wcfmarketplace-orders.php

      $status_update_block_statuses = apply_filters( 'wcfm_status_update_block_statuses', array( 'refunded', 'cancelled', 'failed' ), $order->order_id );
      					if( in_array( 'wc-completed', array_keys($allowed_order_status) ) && !in_array( 'completed', $status_update_block_statuse ) && !in_array( $order_status, array( 'failed', 'cancelled', 'refunded', 'completed' ) ) ) $actions = '<a class="wcfm_order_mark_complete wcfm-action-icon" href="#" data-orderid="' . $order->order_id . '"><span class="wcfmfa fa-check-circle text_tip" data-tip="' . esc_attr__( 'Mark as Complete', 'wc-frontend-manager' ) . '"></span></a>';
      should be 		

      !in_array( ‘completed’, $status_update_block_statuses )

      missing the s causing null error


    • #69009
      WCFM Forum

      Thanks for this, we will definitely take care of this in next update.

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