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    • #127286
      Jing Gu

      We have installed WooCommerce Appointment (https://bookingwp.com/plugins/woocommerce-appointments/) which is listed as a compatible product: https://wclovers.com/wcfm-compatible-plugins/

      However, once installed, we can not see the bookable product available. It a vendor store would like to offer appointments as a product, it does not seem available:


      How can we make it easily available like this video tutorial is showing: https://wclovers.com/documentation/wcfm-wc-booking/

      Thanks a lot.


    • #127820
      Jing Gu

      This is resolved.

    • #128133

      Hi Jing,
      Can you tell me how you resolved this issue, please?
      Thanks a lot

    • #128147
      Jing Gu

      Luke, very simple, you need to click on the Save button. Then appointable as a product type will show.

    • #128300

      Sorry Jing, but I have very little experience of these plugins.
      Which “Save button” I have to click?
      I tried to create new products into front-end manager, but the “bookable product” option is missing anyway.
      Thanks for your help

    • #128374

      I resolved.
      Thanks anyway

    • #131302

      Hello Jing!

      I have the same problem, can you help me? Where is this “save button”?

      Thank you very much!

Viewing 6 reply threads
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