User Delivery Address through geolocation

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request User Delivery Address through geolocation

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    • #129976

      Hi. “Checkout User Location” option is very useful, i’ve been struggling for that feature for a long time. It’d be great if you add “Geolocation” to that, since some users may not be able to pin point their exact location and geolocation can be very helpful there. I have a webview app and since geolocation is more accurate in mpbile than on desktop, it’s pretty useful there.
      Another thing i want is that the option to have this feature while user registration itself. Because same user may order many times and each time a call to maps APi is chargeable(considering free 200$ limit) and for the same address is not an optimized way. So better to have that feature in registration form and an option to set it in Shipping address rather than in delivery address.
      I’ve posted one of my request here

      I tried to implement your “Checkout User Location” in my registration field along with geolocation, but Java is too much for me and i honestly i don’t know a bit.

      What i’m asking here is can you help me with the code for user location with geolocation. Or The default “Checkout User Location” with geolocation.

      Thank You.

    • #130469

      Hey! Good update with the geolocation. But the address link (geocoded address in vendors page)is not showing any marker on the map when opened in the map.
      Also can you please add this in geolocation function (EnableHighAccuracy: true) in geolocation function. Not that useful for desktops but for mobiles. Thank You.

    • #131516
      Suvopam Malakar


      We have the same issue. No map marker on Google map.

      Previously, the Store name was automatically getting set as a map marker label on Google map, now that is not happening!!!

      While on mobile, we like users to navigate to store using Google map, how to achieve that?

    • #132192

      WClovers, you should fix this, without this deliveries aren’t possible. Marker isn’t being shown when clicked on address that’s been set in delivery during checkout.

    • #132204

      Also, as requested earlier, EnableHighAccuracy: true, please include this in geolocation function.

    • #132353

      I just want to share. I used woocommerce distance rate shipping plugin and the way this plugin does the distance shipping is based on whatever user entered on their Billing Address or if they decided to ship the product to different Shipping Address it still calculates right after the user entered the ZIP CODE. Unfortunately, this plugin does not work in WCFM

      The best thing about it is that, It calculate on a very high accuracy rate, even the customer type in the Blk #, Lot #, Unit Number, the shipping still calculates. I really think that will solve the issue of distance delivery based on MAP wherein user will definitely type their full address here and the map can’t match their address.

      I really hope they can improve this or at least have a quick solution coz this is a big problem on the customer end.

    • #134459

      Hi again. Since there hasn’t been any answer, i’m again leaving a query here. Marker isn’t being shown in maps when clicked on the geocoded address.
      As i was going through the google maps documentation, the format is as follows,-73.961452&key=YOUR_API_KEY

      Where our API Key is used for reverse geocoding. Is that the problem here? I’m sorry if it’s not. Another suggestion is that you put another field for API key just for the reverse geocoding purpose. Because, for normal Google Maps API key, you have to restrict the key for IP addresses or Websites, if we do so, then as i’ve tested, address cannot be reverse geocoded since the API key is restricted. It will be on us to have the 2nd API key only be enabled for Geocoding purposes.

      Also “EnableHighAccuracy: true” might be useful for mobile.

      Regarding the message banner on your site (super cyclone Amphan), I hope nothing but best to you. Hope you find the strength, recover from it and keep moving on. Thank You.

    • #142487

      Please can you guide me how do i add this code “EnableHighAccuracy: true” to geolocation function in WCFM Market Place.

      • #142961

        No bud, i can’t code. But as per documentation, it’s within the geolocation function. I hope WCFM includes it in their plugin itself.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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