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    • #120857
      Jasmin Kronewetter

      Hi all, hoping someone can guide me in the right direction with a problem I’m having.

      I’m building a multi-vendor marketplace with WCfM plugin & Martfury theme.

      I want to give customers the ability to use extensive filtering options on the shop page, e.g. Shop by location, item type, or occasion.

      So far, I’ve accomplished this through product-attributes.

      I have admin-made attributes that the vendors can choose from when uploading a product, that will display as a filtering option (through a widget) in the shop page.

      For example, a vendor uploads a product and selects ‘Item type’ – ‘Sustainable’ attribute, then their product will show up on the shop page when a customer chooses to filter by sustainable items.

      Now, the problem I’m having is when a vendor uploads a variable product and needs to create attributes to add variations.

      Once they do that AND also select their admin-made attributes for filtering options, ALL ATTRIBUTES SHOW UP AS VARIANTS ON THE PRODUCT PAGE 🙁 (see image attached) -> only the vendor-made attribute should show up as a variant, the admin-made attributes should just remain attributes for the purpose of filtering, not as a variant.

      Can someone please guide me in the right direction for how I can best address this issue?

      I’m contemplating on custom development to completely separate admin-made and vendor-made attributes, but I’m also wondering if there’s a simpler option to accomplish my goal that I’m not aware of?

      Thank you!

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    • #120898
      Jasmin Kronewetter

      Problem solved. I had some displaying issues through the theme and didn’t see the tickboxes.

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