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      Dear Support,

      Here is the situation, my company is in country “a” and the woo-commerce store looks at the address given in the woo-commerce store address to determine the tax applied to the shipping.

      What I don’t see, is your plugin intervening and applying taxes based on the vendors address. As I may have companies all through Europe signing up, and having multiple vendors, but yet the shipping will not receive the correct shipping per vendor applied to it.

      There will be multiple vendors in the cart, and the correct tax need to be applied. When a customer chooses “local Pickup” woocommerce applies the tax based on the store address in the woocommerce settings.

      This is really important, because you have to pay the correct tax to the correct country quarterly.

      Am I seeing t incorrect?

      Can you adjust your plugin so that the cart applies the correct shipping tax. I use Flatsome, which is the most used theme for woo-commerce.

      Kind regards,

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      One other thing so that it is clear.

      When someone chooses :Pick-up as shipping method. The cart looks at the woocommerce address as the way to determine the tax to apply (The country). The company sits in another country from the vendors.

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