Vendor Page missing Header & Footer

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM Vendor Page missing Header & Footer


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      My Vendor Pages are missing Header & Footer and in order to get support from my Theme I need to know if a page is WCFM. I will use below code but need to replace is_woocommerce with WFCM.

      Thanks in advance!

      add_filter(‘cs_match_header_assignment’, ‘custom_header’);
      function custom_header($match) {
      if (is_woocommerce()) {
      $match = 1234; // the post ID for your header
      return $match;

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      You have to check whether a page is vendor’s store page or not using this –


      Thank You

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      Thanks for that.

      The support for Theme X / Pro at Themeco informed me that there is a conflict between the Theme and WCFM. They are not able to help me at this point but have added it to their issue tracker so this will be queued for investigation by their development team. See below their conclusion.

      The filter cs_match_header_assignment is not being called on that page. And the reason is probably the templates your plugin use. Example, I checked that page and it uses a different template codes.
      And that filter will only activate where it’s called, in theme’s template.

      I’ve done the following tests:

      Assigned one of your headers as Global and the Global Header won’t show up on the vendor page.
      Switched the header to the Original/Classic Header and still no dice
      Switched to the parent theme and issue persists
      The vendor page shows the header of the default WordPress TwentyNineteen theme.
      The Global Header or even the Classic/Original Header will need to be displayed first before using the cs_match_header_assignment filter as that’s just to override the header assignment.

      Theme Pro is a popular theme and I hope that you are able to provide some solution or assistance with this.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hi how can i change the background of all these to white?

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      Is your theme’s template color this? Then you may change this from theme setting.

      Also you may check at WCFM Admin Setting -> Store Style

      Thank You

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