Vendor registration error / request "?store-setup=yes" does not work…

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Membership Vendor registration error / request "?store-setup=yes" does not work…

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    Johnny Muhindo

    Hello, I use WCFM marketplace, Wcfm Membership and Groups and staffs.
    I have a very serious problem for several weeks on the seller registration. Indeed when a seller registers via the page “vendor-register”, after registration, instead of the thank you page, there is an error: “technical difficulties”. And this is the case even when registering by following the membership plan of the page “Vendor-membership”.
    I try to set up a “Custom Thank you page”, but it does not work. I noticed that for the paid plan, after payment, the “Thank you page” works. But for the free plan the custom thank you page does not appear and the link /? Store-setup = yes returns an error
    what can cause that ???
    the registration of the sellers is the most important thing in a marketplace, and there it is impossible for me to continue the development of my site.
    Thank you to answer me as soon as possible.
    To get a more concrete idea of the problem: visit this link and try to register as a seller (there is no email verification to allow you to test quickly)

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    WCFM Forum
    WCFM Forum

    Please check at wp-admin -> WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs -> fatal_erros log -> is any error generated?

    Which theme you are using for the site?

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    I have the same issue, new members are getting a error and not the setup wizard.

    My error URL:
    Error message: The site is experiencing technical difficulties.

    Please help me urgently.

    My staging website is:

    Thank you.

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    WCFM Forum


    Well, this log is from quite old date. Is there any recent date’s log?

    Between, which theme you are using for the site?

    Can you please check this once by updating WCFM Marketplace to the latest version, 3.2.5

    Thank You

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