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Vendors can limit zone by post code and still deliver to the rest of the zone

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Marketplace (WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace) Vendors can limit zone by post code and still deliver to the rest of the zone

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      This is a shipping question (easy on a single shop, but not so much on a marketplace):

      I have set up shipping zones for the vendors.

      Some of them want to deliver the products themselves to 3 areas close by.

      So for that I set up 3 shipping zones of that area, which they can limit to a postcodes of their choice.

      Easy I thought, but it seems like Woocommerce is going through the shipping in the order you set them up and stop once a shipping zone is applicable. That means:

      If the first shipping zone is where the customer is, but the customer is located outside of the limitation of the post code, Woocommerce seems to stop right there and gives the message, that no shipping method is found.

      Even though the the customers location would apply to the second shipping zone for example. This obviously is no issue on a single store website, but not on a marketplace.

      So is there any way, and script or so, to make Woocommerce scan through all shipping zones before saying that no shipping method is found?

      Thank you!

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      Sayan Naskar

      WCFM Marketplace shipping is based on the WooCommerce shipping setting and extends it so it follows the mechanism which Woocommerce supports.
      If you want the seller to deliver to 3 pin codes near to their shop so why set 3 different zones for this?? Multiple postcodes and states can be added to a single zone by the vendor if they want.

      Thank You.

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