wcfm – incomplete subscriptions reports

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    In Woocommerce admin pages – Woocommerce > Reports > ‘Subscriptions’ tab
    There are options to view many different subscription reports – https://nimb.ws/DN5CL8
    Examples – Subscription Events by Date |Upcoming Recurring Revenue |Retention Rate |Subscriptions by Product |Subscriptions by Customer

    These reports seem to be missing in wcfm vendor dashboard
    All I can find are sales and stock reports

    It may be that it is me not familiar enough with wcfm or are these important reports not there?
    I do hope that they are or can be included as this is a very important feature for vendors to be able to view and generate/print these types of reports, Which is why, I imagine, that they are included in admin area.

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    WCFM Forum
    WCFM Forum

    Yeah, subscription report not yet there for vendors.

    We have this in plan, will add very soon.

    Thank You

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    Thank you, Much appreciated
    Without these reports for vendor then the plugin is not much use

    Thank you

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