WCFM Marketplace Tax on Commission is not working

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin | WCFM Marketplace Forums WCFM – Feature Request WCFM Marketplace Tax on Commission is not working

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      Commission on tax is not working with marketplace commission by product price.
      I have set up a commission by product price for admin but the tax on commission is not working at all.
      And also admin Commission by product price calculation for percentage and fixed amount is not done properly.
      Suppose i have setup 50% commission and 50 rupees fixed price for commission by product price.
      Then fixed price amount is not added to the commission just 50% commission is calculated for the product..
      + Can you at least share how the calculation is done. +
      + I mean formula so i can understand it better..maybe i am wrong +
      + So if possible share it with me some information +

      I hope you guys can solve it.
      Thank You!

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      Well, this commission tax always deduct from vendor’s commission part. Not applied on vendor fee part.

      Suppose, a product cost 1000 and commission setting 50% + 50 for Admin

      So, Vendor commission will be 450 and Admin Fee 550

      Now, if you have set commission tax 18% then this will applicable on Vendor’s commission 450×18%

      Thank You

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      Please add this code to your site –

      add_action( 'wcfmmp_order_item_processed', function( $commission_id, $order_id, $order, $vendor_id, $product_id, $order_item_id, $grosse_total, $total_commission, $is_auto_withdrawal ) {
      	global $WCFM, $WCFMmp, $wpdb;
      	if( apply_filters( 'wcfm_is_admin_fee_mode', false ) ) {
      		$commission_rule   = unserialize( $WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_get_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_rule' ) );
      		$gross_sale_order  = (float) $WCFM->wcfm_vendor_support->wcfm_get_gross_sales_by_vendor( $vendor_id, '', '', $order_id );
      		$commission_tax    = (float) $WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_get_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_tax' );
      		$total_commission += $commission_tax;
      		$admin_fee = (float) $gross_sale_order - (float) $total_commission;
      		if( isset( $commission_rule['tax_enable'] ) && ( $commission_rule['tax_enable'] == 'yes' ) ) {
      			$commission_tax = $admin_fee * ( (float)$commission_rule['tax_percent'] / 100 );
      			$total_commission -= (float) $commission_tax;
      			$WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_delete_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_tax' );
      			$WCFMmp->wcfmmp_commission->wcfmmp_update_commission_meta( $commission_id, 'commission_tax', round($commission_tax, 2) );
      			$wpdb->update("{$wpdb->prefix}wcfm_marketplace_orders", array('total_commission' => $total_commission), array('ID' => $commission_id), array('%s'), array('%d'));
      }, 50, 9 );

      Thank You

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