WCFM Membership – Stripe recurring payment ID failed with fatal error

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      I’m trying to use integrated payment for membership subscription and I got a fatal error message on payment page when entiring my Stripe plan ID. I used the method describ here https://wclovers.com/blog/how-can-i-have-stripe-plan-id-for-recurring-membership-plan/ . Please note that I want to use integrated payment and NOT WC Product because I didn’t buy WC Subscription plugin (so don’t have Simple Subscription product type).
      Here is the error message :

      Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Stripe\Checkout\Session’ not found in /**/wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-membership/core/class-wcfmvm-frontend.php:1265 Stack trace: #0 /**/wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-membership/templates/vendor_payment.php(173): WCFMvm_Frontend->generate_stripe_request_form(‘1373’, 3) #1 /**/wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-membership/core/class-wcfmvm-template.php(38): include(‘/**’) #2 /**/wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-membership/includes/shortcodes/class-wcfmvm-shortcode-vendor-membership.php(56): WCFMvm_Template->get_template(‘vendor_payment….’) #3 /**/wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-membership/core/class-wcfmvm-shortcode.php(107): WCFM_Vendor_Membership_Shortcode::output(Array) #4 /**/wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-membership/core/class-wcfmvm-shortcode.php(30): WCFM in  /**/wp-content/plugins/wc-multivendor-membership/core/class-wcfmvm-frontend.php on line 1265  

      Thank you for help.

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