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      Hi WC-Lovers!

      I’m currently using your plugin and I think it’s very very useful and good developed.
      I need some other features that are only present in Ultimate Version, so I’m considering to upgrade my subscription.

      I’ve just one simple doubt about that.

      My website is online and active, with a lot of active users and Vendors, so I wonder If I can install Ultimate version on top of my current version, without removing free version (causing a service interruption) and without loosing all my configurations (I spent a lot of time in customizations and it will be impossible to replicate)

      Can you please give me some hint about the upgrade process?

      Thank you very much!

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      Thanks for getting in touch with us!
      Well, all our premium plugins are add-ons to our Marketplace plugin. Means, the core free plugin will always be activated. These add-ons will work on top of the core plugin to add some more features.
      So you can activate the ultimate add-on anytime on your live site without any downtime. The only thing I’m concerned about, are the customization’s that you have made. I’ll request you to create a staging site with your latest website data and activate the ultimate version. Test it there and then activate in your live site.
      If you are using latest version of our core plugin, then chances of such conflicts will be no or minimal.
      Let me know how it goes.
      Thank You!

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      Thank you for the reply!

      “customizations” i was talking about is actually a Custom Plugin (self developed) that add some integration (such as single vendor cart, as per your documentation)

      The “hard-to-replicate” is related to configuration. I spent a lot of time customizing stores features and vendors account.

      Anyway I think your reply is very clear and gave me informations I was looking for.

      Thank you

Viewing 2 reply threads
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