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    • #139851

      Hello i recently acquired this whatsapp plugin (Forum said its compatible with WFCM marketplace picks automatically after installation on the vendors dashboard. ) WooCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace Whats App Chat How do i tinker with it on the backend to access its functionality .. . or rather how is this achieved with it

    • #145945
      mariano ro

      good question. I can’t find a way to connect WClovers marketplace with Whastapp

    • #158478

      posted same request this morning on an other old post on WP forum. I would add whatsapp to the two other chat services that are currently available

    • #158493
      mariano ro

      Yes, today everything happens through Whastapp. Customers ask me every day and nobody will solve the problem for me.

      You have to understand Facebook Markplace is going to keep the whole business.

      We need this at Wclovers.com


      they should take it into account.

    • #158500
      mariano ro

      I need exactly this: magecomp.com/magento-2-multivendor-whatsapp-contact-pro.html

      we need speed in the connection otherwise we will disappear.

      Today all marketplaces are in crisis.

      Facebook (MARKETPLACE) always beats us. It is a thousand times faster. It is understood why I insist

      I’m going to have to close this business if I don’t solve this.

    • #158508
      mariano ro

      I’m desperate.

      Clients have been gone for 1 year and now much faster!

      Who is going to want to be in a slow web … and without whastapp?

      Understand the importance¿

      I am sorry to be dense with the subject. But do I have to save my business.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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