Woocommerce subscriptions – Paypal error

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      Greetings –
      I am testing WCFM with WC subscriptions
      When I try to complete a paypal transaction, Buying a subscription, I get the error ‘An error occurred while calling the PayPal API.
      process allows me to sign in to paypal and all looks like working correctly but then error.
      I can complete a WC simple product transaction so know that Paypal plugin is set up correctly – This error only happens when trying a transaction with subscriptions (Simple subscription)

      Any ideas please ?
      I realise that this may be more of a WC subscriptions plugin issue but wanted to check here first in case anyone has had the same issue.
      (I have not purchased the wc subscriptons plugin yet as I wanted to test to see if it is suitable for what we need on our website but do have the current version installed, so cannot ask for support at WC either.)


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      WCFM Forum


      Please check at WooCommerce PayPal setting.

      You have to enable some specific service for receiving recurring payment.

      Thank You

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      Thank you

      Just received email back from paypal supoprt

      ‘The Merchant Solutions team is specially trained to address this type of account inquiry. ‘

      I shall contact paypal again

    • #79322

      Turns out that I need to submit a special request to paypal to enable ‘Reference transactions’
      And, Have been told by Paypal support tech that there is a low % of acceptance – A buisness needs to have been trading for 2 years + and submit financial accounts records!

      So, Will not be using Paypal to pay for a subscrition
      Now, I know that this plugin is a Woocommerce one but would like to know if anyone else has had this issue
      How would I hide paypal payment option just for one category? ie only show/allow Stripe and Amazon pay for Subscriptions?
      If category ID = 363 21 then only display Amazon pay and stripe payment methods (Do not display paypal)

      Thank you

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      WCFM Forum

      Right, that’s why we have released this addon – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-frontend-manager-direct-paypal/

      Please read it’s conditions before use.

      Well, for use subscription using PayPal also require some service to be enabled at your PayPal account.

      Thank You

Viewing 4 reply threads
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