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YellowPencil Editor BUG

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      Cap Luis

      Hello I just purchased the Ultimate from WCFM, I loved the frontend panel, it has many options! I can edit everything, but as each staff has a different opinion on layout and design we always have to adjust something to our liking.

      I am a layman, I am not a professional in Html / CSS so I use tools that help me create my styles.

      One of these tools is the YellowPencil plugin, it’s great for editing CSS, but for some reason it does not work very well with the WCFM frontend panel, the panel appears almost mobile boxed, even the plugin accusing the panel is using 100 % of width.

      Do you have any explanation for this? when I load the page without activating YellowPencil, the page is full width, when I open the editor the panel is shrunk! making it very difficult to make my edits of style, like: fonts, borders, shadows etc …

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      WCFM Forum


      What you want to change?

      WCFM already has color change setting panel.

      WCFM Dashboard always use theme’s default Fonts.

      Now, shadow, border etc … are additional tweak you want to apply. You have to add custom CSS for this.

      Thank You

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        Cap Luis

        Okay, you answered the same thing I wrote!

        Yes I would like additional adjustments in CSS, yes your panel offers color change.

        So I use the quoted plugin for additional issues! I do not know why your panel does not appear complete when I use the YellowPencil editing plugin.

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