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Your process for multi-vendor orders (Withdraw and status mails to customer)

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    I am just researching a switch from Dokan to WCFM Marketplace. As we all I pretty much like this very flexible and well structured plugin.

    Anyhow I am getting stuck with how the process works for orders that are placed for more than one vendor. If I set status to “sync orders” the customer gets a mail that all items are shipped as soon as one of the vendors ships the items. So this doesn´t seem to be an option.

    If I set as “unsynced orders” the vendor does not get a commission in the withdraw screen when he sets status as completed. And also there are no mails to the customer just to the admin.

    So as I assume there are several of you guys already live I would be interested how you manage the “multi vendor orders”. As it seems now this is a showstopper for a switch to this plugin but I am also confident and hopeful that there is a solution for this 🙂

    Thanks & BR

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    If you have set “Order Sync” setting disabled then you have to update main order status to generate “Auto-withdrawal” request.

    It has many reasons –

    Most importantly, suppose one vendor item refunded and then that order will never go into “complete” status automatically. Hence all other vendors will suffer for that.

    Thank You

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