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    Thanks for the tip, I tried Storepep and I struggled with it for over a week. It’s complicated for me and the vendors. Vendors shouldn’t have to jump around from my site to Storepep and back again. Everything should be in one place.

    WCFM Forum,

    I imagine my vendor wanting the following shipping options. Local Pickup, Free Shipping, Local Delivery by the Vendor (i.e., florists), and shipping calculated based on how carriers calculate it. For instance, Canada Post, UPS and FedEx would use weight, dimensions and distance to calculate the shipping rate for packages.

    If I’m a vendor, how to have the shipping calculated to match what I’m paying to send it? There are plugins that allow WooCommerce to calculate shipping based on carriers like Canada Post, UPS, FedEx etc., but they can’t be integrated with WCFM Marketplace so that vendors can have their shipping calculated by those plugins.

    This seems like a big problem and, while I’m no programmer, a fairly straight-forward fix. Instead of WCFM Marketplace trying to marry itself to all the various plugins, why not create your own plugin(s) that make carriers available to vendors from their dashboard?

    I would pay $50.00 for plugin for each carrier I wanted to offer to my vendors. WHO’S WITH ME, fellow WCFM Marketplace Users?

    1. When a vendor is setting up their store, one option is for them to pick a carrier WCFM has added to WCFM Marketplace (say UPS or FedEx) and the vendor enters in their particular UPS/FedEx account details, API info etc., resulting in all sales by that vendor having shipping calculated by their preferred carrier during the checkout process.
    2. Customers who purchase products from multiple vendors would see the shipping calculated for each vendor during the checkout process.
    3. Once orders are received, the vendor arranges for shipping with their carrier and adds the tracking # to the order from their dashboard and updates the process from ‘pending shipment’ to ‘shipped’.
    4. The customer receives an email whenever the order is updated and now has their tracking number.
    5. I’m guessing that the carrier’s API could even update the status automatically in the customer’s order based on the tracking number. So, if a customer checks their order from their dashboard, the tracking status would be updated according to what the carriers shipment status is (In-Transit, Out for Delivery, Delivered).

    I’d love to see some feedback from other WCFM Marketplace users and maybe we can get something going on this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)