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  • Hello, good night, I think it does not explain me well, I am from Huánuco, Peru 🇵🇪 and my English is not very good, I will be brief …
    ✅ The first thing is: I am a company that provides the delivery service, and 10 delivery people work with me, so the situation is this:
    ✅ I want the owners of the premises to have their store but only I take care of the delivery, that is they can charge in their accounts, they manage the order, but in the case of restaurants so that only I “THE ADMINISTRATOR” can charge by delivery.
    ✅ Now I also asked: if the same 10 people who work with me could be distributors of all stores to have the option of delivery, but only I can collect it. It’s possible?
    ✅For example I charge two dollars for delivery service, I as the administrator of the page I already have 1 dollar charge to a deliveryman who assigned a certain shipment. So now I want to:
    ✅ Customers can upload their products and configurations but only I PAGE MANAGER can charge the delivery of 2 dollars.

    ✅ Now if you can’t, the question was:
    Is it possible to have only one store with the products entered in but in different categories?
    ➖ The intention is to simulate that I administer the card and the delivery of the premises of my city. In this way the suppliers upload their products, promotions, coupons, everything related to their administration but and charge their products BUT I THE MARKET ADMINISTRATOR charge all shipping methods.

    ✅ Finally of not being able to in those ways would there be one where I can create a single store and is it divided into sub stores? And that each sub store has its own products? So I imagine that the dealers assigned to the general store can distribute the products of the sub stores? Please help me, I need to upload my site.

    in reply to: WCFM Affiliate has just released! #81101

    Buenos días cuando estará disponible el plugin? https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-frontend-manager/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)