WCFM Dashboard as your site template

WCFM Dashboard as your site template

WCFM Dashboard as your site template 1024 590 WC Lovers

WCFM dashboard to look alike your theme template

As we all already know that WCFM totally works from only site front-end, no more wp-admin. Now each theme looks different and each theme also have many types of templates with variation of colors.

Then what about WCFM Dashbaord? Is it always look same as it’s default look !!

No way, you can make it look like your them template very easily. Same color combination and everything, with zero coding knowledge.

Just to mention, WCFM dashboard never loads it’s own Font style so dashboard texts always look exact as your site other texts.

You can change almost dashboard’s all elements colors as your own.

WCFM has a “base color”, it’s very important one. Dashboard’s most the part colored with that or highlighted using this. Just change it to your theme’s base color, and see already your dashboard 75% looks like your theme template.

Beside this you can change container colors, menu colors and buttons color as well.

Just to mention, there is a restore option as well, you can anytime revert dashboard colors to it’s default just by a single click.

Not only color options you may also customize some dashboard elements as well. Different category selector for product manager. Check more details here.

You may even disable WCFM menu and header panel items as well.

Most powerful part is that, you will have two different menu style for your dashboard. Default one is slick one, but you may disable this to have bold style.

Now you can also disable WCFM Dashboard sidebar logo and home screen welcom box.

WCFM Dashboard is fully responsive and specially designed for tablets and mobile devices.

WCFM Dashboard desktop view.

WCFM Dashboard tablet view.

WCFM Dashboard mobile view.

You will have all these settings option under WCFM admin dashboard -> Settings.

Isn’t it cool enough!!

Hope this will helpful for you and your vendors. If you have any confusion or queries then feel free to reach me anytime.


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