Location for your Products with WCFM

Location for your Products with WCFM

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Associate location with your products

In recent days Map – Google Map is very much essential to inform about your store/product location to your customers. This is almost a much required feature for Booking/Booking Accommodation product types.

There has few options (plugins) to accomplish this, but all are working in a different way. It’s a difficult for me to tell you which is best among those, all of them good at their level. Now this is depending upon your requirement which will best for you!!

As usual all of them are working from wp-admin backend, now you have a big question in mind – if I am using WCFM then how can I associate location for my products?

Let me clear your doubts and showing you all the possibilities you have –

1. GEO my WP

“GEO my WP” is one of the most popular location integrator plugin for WordPress. It has a add-on (free) “Post location locator” which allow you to add address and all other location info for any post of your site.

No exception for Products as well, but by default all this works from w-admin back-end.

Just relax, WCFM is here and it’s fully integrated with “GEO my WP”. You can do all this now from your store front-end.

Check our documentation for better reference here.

Note: You don’t even have to upgrade your WCFM to Ultimate, you will have this integration feature just by installing WCFM Free.

2. MapPress

MapPress Easy Google Map” is one of the most easiest and user friendly plugin to do so. You can associate any number of maps with your product and also allowed any no of points within a single map.

Additionally you can even insert map shortcode into your product description, isn’t it really cool!!

Check our documentation for better understanding here.

3. Toolset Maps

Toolset is one of the most powerful custom field builder plugin for WordPress. You can create any type of fields and field groups for your store product, user, post and anything. Also check this.

Now toolset also offers location integrator field (Address) to you. You can associate address with your products using this very easily but additionally  you have to install “Toolset Maps”.

WCFM also integrated with this and allow you to do all this from your site front-end product manager.

To know more check the documentation here.

4. Address Geocoder

“Address Geocoder” is one of the most simple and easy to use location integrator plugin for WordPress.

WCFM also integrated with this and you have all this from site front-end.

Isn’t it cool enough!!

Hope this will helpful for you and your vendors. If you have any confusion or queries then feel free to reach me anytime.

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