Can I limit visibility on Shipping Classes?

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      Hi there,

      I have made a previous request a couple of weeks ago and have received no response, needless to say, I am rethinking upgrading to WCFM – Ultimate due to utter disappointment in the handling of support…

      Anyways, I am throwing a stone in the bush in the hopes that someone will answer me this time…

      I understand that I can set Shipping classes for certain “rules” to be applied. My concern is if I have 10 000 vendors each with their own shipping classes, then 10 000 vendors will see all 10 000 classes. Is there a way to link shipping classes to specific vendors only? i.e. Vendor A will only see the shipping classes related to their store and Vendor B will only see the Shipping Classes relating to their store and not Vendor A’s shipping classes as well.

      WCFM is such a GREAT product, but it fails miserably in the shipping setup area.

      Holding thumbs for an answer this time

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      Thanks for getting in touch with us!
      Sorry, we missed attending your last topic. I’ve posted my replies in your original topic –
      Being a WooCommerce based marketplace solution, there are few things that aren’t totally in our control. Still, WCFM is the only WooCommerce marketplace plugin that provides Zone based, Country based, Weight based, and Distance based shipping setup.
      Thank You!

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      Hi Sushobhan

      Thank you for the response and apologies for my mini-outburst 🙂

      I read your response to the original post – thank you for the info.

      I have been looking into some plugins that could potentially solve my problem and saw that WCFM is compatible with the Woocommerce Per Product Shipping plugin.

      The Plugin is quite expensive, so before I purchase it, are there any issues to be wary of, or does this plugin work well with WCFM?

      Thank you!

    • #127673

      Yes the plugin is compatible with WCFM Marketplace. And there are no reported issue. Also it’s a WooComemrce plugin and they have “30-day money-back guarantee”-
      Thank You!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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